Gondor Footman

The Realm of Gondor has fought numerous wars against numerous enemies. Their Lords are very experienced in the arts of war and fighting, and the citizens of Gondor are all expected to earn their keep when the horn of Gondor sounds. Most of the brave men of Gondor are trained as regular infantry, armed with a solid metal shield and a steel longsword. For centuries, the kingdom of Gondor has relied on the strong traditions of these heavy infantry. When the storm clouds begin to gather once again at the end of the Third Age, most of the Gondorian Infantry eagerly anticipate the opportunity of serving their country with arms in their hands. Armoured with full plate mail, they are the backbone of the Gondorian Army.

This class of troop requires Gondor Militia.

The upgraded class of this troop is Gondor Swordsman and Gondor Spearman.

The Gondor Footman is a Rank 2 type of troop.